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Over the last five years, we’ve worked with some of the leading developers, architects and interior design firms across the UK property market. What makes us truly unique is our leadership team’s background in property, from Marketing Director, residential property investors and even property managers once upon-a-time, our team know and understand the sector demands.

So we understand well the pressures and time limitations that are apparent for business leaders and marketing managers too. Scores of new developments underway and that need marketing (and selling), and the main ‘master’ brand needs work and maintaining too.

And whilst some property companies may have an array of suppliers to cover each separate aspect of their marketing needs – one web agency, another doing social media, one more handling CGI & video animation – often the quality, results and delivery times can hugely vary – not to mention the amount of time it takes to manage everyone and brief-in required work.

But there is another way. At Forever, we’re a truly integrated brand communications agency, and we can help build your property company’s digital presence from the foundations up.

Who we work with

We believe in building brands and the importance of branding within all businesses, and in particular the property sector.

Most businesses feel that their reputation plays a crucial role in the success of their company. At Forever, we believe that your brand is your reputation. This makes it one of the most important aspects of success, affecting almost every part of your company and how residents and partners view and what they feel about you as a business.

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Developing a first-class digital home for your business

Whilst spending the day browsing the windows of estate agents windows may still be a passing fancy for some, the vast majority of property searches now begin online. Because of this, your property brand’s website needs to be best-in-class.

Quite often it’ll also need to appeal to potential partners too, from local authorities to overseas property investors.

Our integrated nature really shows itself with the websites we build. Expertise from across brand, design, digital, marketing and development disciplines come together to ensure each and every website we produce delivers more.

That means a full on-site SEO strategy, a brand-first approach to visuals to ensure consistency, and UX best-practice to ensure that once a visitor arrives at the website, it couldn’t be easier for them to find what they’re searching for and convert into a lead.

Creating development brands that residents can’t wait to call home

Driving off-plan investment or indeed residential sales, as well as generating pre-launch rental demand, requires exciting developments with clear and enticing websites, stunning visuals and the right marketing messaging.

Especially for home sales, sometimes it’s the story behind a development that really sells it with the buyer. The past history of a regeneration area, the former companies that lived within a redeveloped warehouse or indeed the up-and-coming vibrancy of a brand new residential zone.

As such, our brand creation for new developments doesn’t begin and end at the brand identity and creative itself, but extends further into its messaging, its value and its offering too.

We help create development brands that people want to live in and actively seek out, and drive demand through increased awareness and brand storytelling too.

From the brand identity itself to development website, social media presence, the initial search engine optimisation work to ensure the development ranks for direct Google searches right down to email marketing templates, Forever can create both an enticing and attractive brand for your development, as well as the buzz and demand to really sell it.

Video for property

Every estate agent knows the value of good photography to really grab attention and drive interest in a property.

But sometimes to truly show off everything a development has to offer, you need to go beyond still images and instead invest in stunning video content that really invites the viewer to start mentally placing furniture and imagine living in a property.

And especially with new developments where potential residents will have very little in the way of reference for the quality of the properties available, such as a former resident, development reviews online and so on.

Great video demands attention, stands out on social media, drives intent on property portals and really showcases the quality and value of the new homes created.

Have a look at two examples below for developments at Baker Place and East Vale to illustrate our point! Through Forever Partners, we work with our own in-house video partners, Video Ink, to help bring individual properties and developments to life.

Ensuring your future partners and residents find you first

How do most of your commercial partners and residents currently find you? Through property portals? Social media? Outbound sales or existing relationships?

Many property companies struggle to effectively add ‘organic’ search engine traffic to the list of sales avenues. But through search engine optimisation we’ve helped sell out developments, raise company awareness and consideration and generate enquiries from potential partners too.

We can place your business in-front of future residents and give them exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s a ‘3 bed family home in Cheshire’ or a land owner seeking a ‘residential property developer in Manchester’.

They’ll find your website and become familiar with your business before they find anyone else.

Increased website traffic, consideration and ultimately - organic leads and conversions.

Just like we’ve done with LPC Living, where over the last two years we’ve increased organic search traffic systematically each month with the website now generating 200% more search engine traffic than before we began our campaign.

Increasing social awareness, building demand and generating viewing requests

Not every Rightmove or Zoopla search will bring up your developments and individual properties. Maybe they’re slightly above standard budgets, or just outside a desired living area or easy walk to a central location.

Through social media advertising, we can drive awareness and demand for your properties and developments without waiting passively for enquiries to find you.

We’ve done just that for Townhouse Lettings, driving viewing requests from Facebook advertising for three separate developments, all outside what typical property portal searches would have brought up.

Yes, a short tram journey from work, but an amazing property with twice the usual space at a great price. And sure, not exactly city centre and not comparatively cheaper either, but stunning, brand new apartments that would be worthy of any interiors magazine (and good dinner party setting too).

To date we’ve helped sell out two developments through targeted and extremely cost-effective Facebook advertising, with a third development soon to follow suit!

Positioning your property business as a thought- leader and trustworthy voice

Whether you’re an ambitious new player in your local property market or a long-standing and respected mainstay of the development sector, you will know the importance of managing how partners, local governing bodies, residents and even competitors view your business.

And whilst ultimately the quality of the buildings built will influence this, another big factor is the digital content produced and promoted.

On-top of being essential for great search engine optimisation, regular, quality and informed on-site content such as blogs, infographics and PDF downloads can set your business aside as a true thought leader, a source of knowledge and a brand worth listening to.

Less blog posts about the right colour of off-white to paint your living room walls, and more content in the form of property reviews, report analysis and market updates.

Something worth sharing on social, in newsletters and ultimately, content worth reading.

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