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Healthy clinical weight loss

Brand and website promoting positive weight loss

Obesity is a hot topic at the moment and the UK, in particular, has a weight problem. According to official health surveys, two-thirds of adults are either overweight or obese – with one-third of these obese.

As a result, the impact on the NHS is also increasing. There were four times as many admissions with a primary or secondary diagnosis of obesity in 2016/17 compared with 2009/10. Onhealth has been designed to make people’s goals achievable by primarily focusing on diet, mindset and clinical analysis in conjunction with a personalised workout plan. The aim, to achieve long term life changing results; results that you want to achieve!

We were aware that there is a lot of negativity around weight loss but our brand exists to help people change their lives for the better, so we wanted to promote positivity with the brand. The pop colour palette helped communicate the happy/positive attitude of the brand and the gradient reflected the idea of progress and transition.

The branding itself was clean, simple to reflect the understated personality of the brand and the clean, scientific approach. The heart logo graphic represented the hand (care, support) and heart (health, wellbeing) to create a modern five sectioned icon.

This design approach was then translated on to a variety of material from print, outdoor through to business cards giving the weight loss programme a modern and positive look and feel.

We also developed a tone of voice penning the phrase ‘Positively Honest’. The weight loss industry is not historically known for its honesty with a variety of fad diets and products. But Onhealth is different. The body science-based approach, ongoing support, and bespoke programs are inherently honest. So to communicate this, we anchored our language in the kind of truths that resonate with our customers.

That means using words which will motivate, inspire, and instil confidence – just like the support the Onhealth customers receive. This all culminated in a brand guidelines document which covered everything from rules around the logo use and application through to photography and image guidelines and tone of voice.

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