SEO Campaign March 2018

NADclinic is the original pioneering UK & European clinic to effectively use NAD+ Therapy to assist in the treatment of numerous conditions. The bespoke home hotel or clinic treatment programmes are specifically created for the overall wellbeing of clients, offering a personalised solution for each individual.

Our job was to help NADclinic position themselves as the pioneers of alternative health treatments, therapies, rehabilitation and chronic fatigue in the global market. With the key objective of the brand being to communicate trust, confidence, innovation and a premium alternative treatment choice.

Advertising Agency Manchester

We created the brand to work efficiently and elegantly across mobile & desktop apps as well as all other marketing materials; as we feel NADclinic is just the starting point of a very ambitious long term vision (We’ve said too much…).

An attention grabbing strapline to match, “Everybody Is Different” relates to the vast amount medical conditions which have been known to benefit from NAD+ treatment. The brand narrative being, everybody is different, every condition is unique, everybody gets results, NADclinic.

The iconography of the logo & brand, emphasises the fact that NAD+ is naturally present within every cell in the human body. With the “+” being a key component in the logotype. The brand colours reflect the natural composition of water.

Bringing this to life digitally on the website where we set ourselves the task for the viewer to feel relaxed and at peace, mimicking the NADclinic treatment process that customers would experience from one of the NAD doctors or specially trained nurses.