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Elbow Grease

Elbow Grease

Growing to over 100k followers in 3 years


151 are a successful family business who own and licence hundreds of brands and trademarks across FMCG. In 2018, 151 approached Forever Agency to power their growth through developing the customer journey for Elbow Grease, their blockbuster-selling cleaning brand.  Elbow Grease ® is the truly fantastic cleaning range for use all around the home. The hero-product degreaser attracted a cleaning cult-like following, hidden within micro-communities across facebook and for many years went unnoticed. Over the years, the brand has attracted over 112,000 followers across instagram and continues to exceed sales expectations, with stockists such as B&M, ASDA, Morrisons, Tesco & Sainsbury’s in recent months. 

The challenge for Elbow Grease & Forever now is to drive reappraisal of the brand, making it more relevant and appealing to today’s conscious consumers. Increasing in numbers, they are the consumers who want to feel part of a movement that makes a difference and consciously buy into brands that stand for more versatile products. The brand reappraisal & challenger brand status creates a family of effective products at value-driven pricing, which are better for using in-and-out of home with it’s mix and match capabilities. 

Elbow Grease now plans to launch its new communications platform, ‘Give it some’, encouraging consumers to join Elbow Grease in a movement that isn’t just about cleaning homes, but about solving problems with the Elbow Grease family of products, supporting Elbow Grease’s position not just as a category leader but as a thought leader. 

We realised that we had something that many other brands didn’t have: a whole lot of fun, and an extremely iconic visual identity. So, we wanted to position the Elbow Grease brand as a playful enabler in a time of obsessive cleaning rituals. Something you just had to be seen with, something you can have fun with, and something you just have to share.

By tapping into consumer behaviour on the fastest growing social platforms out there (TikTok + Instagram), working with star influencers, all generated through our hard work and less through the client budget,  creating an irresistible cleaning challenges, competitions and content that urged our fans to shout about Elbow Grease and most importantly, remain following the brand across social platforms. 


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